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Investometer ® Calibration of Public Research 23 10 2009 380 Stocks

Calibration of Stock Recommendations 23.10.2009 380 Stocks (Click for changes since last report)  

investometer, Calibration of Public Equity Research on 360 Stocks 15-10-2009

Calibration of Stock Recommendations 15.10.2009 (Click for changes since last report) A2A  0

investometer® Calibrations Public Research for European Equities 14th October 2009

Group   Ticker    Bourse     Investometer 28/09/2009

investometer® Public Research on 316 European Equities Calibrated to the Investometer 15-09-2009

Calibration of Stock Recommendations 15.09.2009 (Click for changes since last report) A2A +5 Aareal

investometer® Calibrations of Public Research for 290 European Equities 04-09-2009

Calibration of Stock Recommendations 04.09.2009 (Click here to see adjustments on PDF)   A2A 

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