The investometer was designed by Pierre B Boulle in 1993 to establish a universal benchmark for the objective calibration of analyst recommendations.
Between 1993 and 2001 empirical testing of the investometer continued, further developing it as a benchmark to introduce greater objectivity and transparency to analyst recommendations. Multiple market events since 2001 show that it is absolutely imperative that analysts be accountable for their recommendations, on which basis billions are invested every day. The investometer continues to be developed and tested, sometimes at the specific request of institutions and universities to investigate and corroborate its viability as a universal benchmark for the rating of stock market recommendations. We are currently looking for sponsors to carry on this important work as Pierre Boulle is very actively involved in the running of investorseurope, the stockbroker he founded in 2001.

Pierre Bertrand Boulle
Pierre Bertrand Boulle

In the wake of all the scandals, lawsuits and recriminations against the planet’s major financial institutions, Pierre Boulle has made the investometer available to the general public. This means that investors have a simple but effective tool to calibrate the accuracy of analysts’ recomendations given by any institution worldwide by asking the relevant analyst 2 simple questions:

  1. Where does the analyst place his recommendations on the investometer scale for a particular financial instrument?
  2. For what length of time is the recommendation given for?

With these two answers, any investor can plot the accuracy of any recommendations against the facts and rate any analyst or a group of analysts and pick out the most consistent ones in factual and objective terms.